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All of the works that you see here are water colored woodblock prints. Each image is hand carved into Birch plywood, printed black on white rag paper by running over them with my car or by my dancing all over them. They are left to dry then painted with various water-color media. These works are both multiples and originals with only a few printed from each block. I use triangular, circular and elliptical compositions of complicated diagonal planes with subjects surrounded in swirling black outlines, the compression of the six-foot figure into the three-foot space and highly dramatic color to activate and provoke you into and around each piece. The interior space is noticeably shallow with a ground plane that tilts forward sharply endangering all the stuff inside towards falling out of the picture. Thinking out the stories and drawing them onto the block takes more time than the carving but the carving takes between forty and sixty hours to do. I use small hand gouges that require constant sharpening. These are dark works with a knee-jerk humor that hopefully give anyone looking at them a way in. This is just a brief example of the many works that I’ve done and I hope you like them.

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