Bad Delicious / Cuisine for Stoners

Hand colored linoleum block prints

         I carve, print and hand watercolor Linoleum block prints.  I make only twelve prints from each carved block. I have chosen to use the imagery that everyone recognizes, knows, and dismisses for my subject matter. Bad/ Delicious munchies.  It’s a place where no one else wants to go. These are images of junk food and detritus in classic still life arrangements. They are organized with traditional media and drawing methods (sanguine and brown conte’ chalks) on Strathmore drawing paper.  They are then transferred to the block by the pressure of a Sharpie pen cap. Redrawn on the block with marking pens and carved with small hand gouges in two passes. I print them with archival ink using a large plastic spoon onto archival paper. I hand watercolor them with archival watercolors.

      Here are my limited edition hand water-colored linoleum block prints of breakfasts and munchables for all of you marijuana users.  And for those of you who are not.  You know who you are.  We are all familiar with the tendency to make unwise snack and breakfast food choices but we all get to feel guilty about our indulgences.  Being high helps.  These pictures with all of their unhealthful beauty are for all of you.   Please enjoy.


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