The Big Squeeze Works

The Nest of Yellow Clamps
The Large Green Clamps Stuck in the Hole
The Big Orange Clamps Hold Fast to the #2 Ticonderoga
The Big Green Clamps Hold Their Own
The Gigantic Blue Clamps Surrounded

I love tools.  I love working with tools and I like the look of tools.  I was making some drawings of several tools when I piled up my spring clamps with my C- clamps one day and created a drawing that totally piqued my interest.  The next dozen drawings and paintings were steeped in abstraction and I liked them even more.  They wiggled all over.  After observing and drawing these images I’ve set about inventing the abstracted structures and arrangements.  These work very well in the linoleum blocks.  In block prints, it’s the piling up of the marks and the lines with all of their inherent and suggested movements that make them look so dramatic.  The boundaries and the breaking through the boundaries become exciting.   The geometric nature of metal tools with their rectangular heads and handles with the wiggling grippers lighten and darken with the coverage of cross contour lines.  It’s an exciting subject.

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