The Changing Arrangements of Stew Ingredients

The Ingredients for Stew with A Big Bermuda Onion and A Knife Pointing Up
The Ingredients for Stew With a Pile of Meat and the Knife with Carrot Cross
The Ingredients for Stew with the Large Bermuda Onion and a Knife Pointing Left

About 15 years ago, I chose to teach a class about composition and imagery that was on the books as a possible offering in the college.  It was the Fall Semester and hard as I might have tried, I couldn’t get the students to understand either the concepts or the art images.  I was failing to teach them and getting more and more depressed as each week passed.  A couple of weeks before the Thanksgiving Holiday and having contracted the Flu, I was quietly sitting with my journal and pen in hand trying to come up with something.    I took an hour to prepare a pot of beef stew and while the ingredients were sitting on the counter, I observed the potatoes, the the meat cubes and the rest composed in a truly relatable way.  It seemed that most of my students would have made or seen the makings of stew at one time or another.  I pulled out a sketch pad with pencils and as quickly as I could, I knocked out drawing after drawing until I had eighteen of the things.  I placed them around my living room floor and realized that a working explanation was right there.  After the drawings were stolen, I started making them over and over again.  50.  100.  More.  Eight prints of “stew” will finally put these things to rest.  I hope I never feel inclined to do any more of them.