The Happy Meal Disasters

The Slingshot Happy Meal with the Egg-Nog Custard
The Tangerine Crush and the Little Toy Sailboat
The Remote Controlled Tank with the Delicious Orange Crush
The Pinnocchio Happy Meal with the Peppermint Shake Spill
The Tantrum Over the Awful Toy and Pickle Flavored Shake

    You’re eating a fast food meal.  You reach across the table to grab your milk shake.  But a hot French fry bites your arm and you misjudge the distance and knock over your delicious drink. The spill is a disaster that has to be fixed quickly.  Your first thought is to find someone else to blame.  Your second thought is to clean up the table, but your third thought reminds you that fast food is only good when hot so you quickly move your meal to another table and let the staff clean up the mess.  You try not to look at them.  Sometimes you put as much of the drink back into the cup while trying to not think about the cleanliness of the table.

     This subject came to me in a dream and occupied a couple years of my work.  The ground plane deck is drawn in one point perspective but the front and back edges are curving and rollicking.  It excites the thing.  After teaching color theory for a dozen years, I started by using natural, neutral and bright colors that reflect off of all the forms and off the deck itself.  Then, I embraced the challenge of using only the three cool primaries, Prussian, Alizirin and Lemon.  A severely limited palette mixed into all of the secondary and tertiary  hues.  Now I’m using a complete palette to make the prints into Technicolor hues.  They excite the things even more.

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