The X-Pots

X-Pots with The Blue Blister Pox
X-Pots with the Astrological Vessel
X-Pots with the Large Yellow Handle

     At American River College our ceramics program is managed and guided by Linda Gelfman who raises support funds by selling off all of the unclaimed pots and hand-crafted monsters by the semester’s students who dropped out in the middle.  I try to adopt these ugly-warty-unlovable pieces that no one else would probably want and use them constantly in my various still lifes.  Stacking, tipping, piling and putting them inside each other to create piles and stacks in many of these compositions.  I’m an oil painter as well and I’ve been using small images of several of my recent and not so recent oil paintings in the linoleum block prints.  It’s the natural order.

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